All of our balsamic varieties are made with real fruit, (no oil infusion).The fruit and balsamic have a 1-2 hour reduction. The fruit is then blended to a paste while cooking and strained out when it cools enough to handle.  The final product is test tasted then bottled and labeled.

The bottle size is 250 ml. $10 ea.  You can do a mixed case.

The balsamics carry the Fattoria Muia label which is Carl's Italian heritage.

CHOCOLATE.....This rich balsamic is good on cream cheese/brie & fresh berries or a few drops on ice cream.  Very popular

MISSION FIG aka THE BIGGIE FIGGIE.....Grown in Merced, Ca. & roasted the instant they arrive.  Great on soft white cheeses as well as bread dip, with figs & goat cheese.

MONTMORENCY ORGANIC CHERRY.....an ancient pie variety from the 1700's with a great cherry taste.  My friend on Vashon Is, Wa. had an orchard of these and the pies that came out of there were divine which inspired me to do a balsamic.  NEW 2014  Very popular.

PEPPERED FRUIT.....various fresh fruit and berries with a mild pepper finish.

PINEAPPLE PEPPER.....good on ham, summer salad.  A bit of Hawaii with a mild pepper finish.

PLUM CRAZY.....fresh plums give this a plummie summer flare (if plummie is a word) on butter lettuce.

SANGIOVESE WINE GRAPE.....from our estate, these ancient Italian variety grapes are sweet and dark.  The deer and I enjoy them. This balsamic makes a soft, very pleasant dressing on any salad.  Seasonal

HINT 1:  Pinterest website has oodles of recipes and great ideas on using balsamic.  I need to live for 500 yrs to do it all.

HINT 2:  Tasting a peppered product is very individual.  So Mild or Hot is according to my taste buds, not yours.

HINT 3:  Great as a hostess gift, shower gift, gourmet cook or those going off to college.