All of our flavored balsamic is made with real fruit (no oil infusions) and herbs.  The lavender, mint, blood orange and other citrus, as well as some of the herbs are from our estate garden. We offer many varieties of flavored balsamic each starting with a base balsamic, either dark and white, then mixed with fruits and herbs. They are reduced for 1-2 hours, strained, cooled, taste tested and bottled.

  • Ideas on how to use balsamic:
    • As a marinade for meat, chicken, fish
    • Salad dressing when mixed with oil
    • As a bread dip
    • Mix w/brown sugar, soy sauce for over rice
    • Add 2 TBS to slow cooking roast 1 hr before done
    • Drizzled over:
      • Popcorn or ice cream
      • Brie or cream cheese with fruit
      • Fresh fruit or roasted vegetables
      • Feta stuffed apricots or figs
    • Makes a great hostess gift, shower gift or for someone starting college!

Blood Orange

Limited Edition.  From our Italian blood orange tree, this tastes fresh and vibrant. We get rave reviews so it’s hard to keep in stock.  This white balsamic it is a beautiful red color and the taste is of fresh orange. Excellent on salads or drizzled over fresh steamed vegetables.


Made with dark balsamic and Montmorency cherries – this old French pie cherry from the 1500/1600’s is still popular today. Charlotte’s friend in Vashon Island, WA  has an orchard of these cherries and her pies are amazing. Carl’s favorite way to use Cherry Balsamic: drizzled over ice cream.

Cinnamon Pear Pie

Lots of pears and more pears!  Made with white balsamic – this has a soft pear taste with yummy cinnamon. Delicious on roasted chicken, pork chops, over cream cheese with berries.

French Summer Garden

This non-fruity balsamic uses white balsamic, Herbs of Provence, Lavender, Savory and has a crisp, clean taste. Goes great with lamb, summer salad, potato salad or pasta salad. Some of the herbs are grown in our herb garden.

Holy Hot Peaches

This very popular flavor uses white balsamic, cling peaches and red pepper flakes.  Delicious on baked chicken, pork chops, white fish and fresh fruit.


Our estate grown French lavender is the best for cooking.  The flowers, leaves, and stems contain a lot of oil that compliments the white balsamic. Great sprinkled on spring greens with a little extra virgin olive oil.


A blend of white balsamic and out estate grown chocolate, apple, and curly mint. This balsamic is packed full of flavor, minty and refreshing.  Good with lamb, salads or potato salad. Put a dash or two in sparkling water for a shrub drink (popular in the 1700/1800’s).

Persian Pear Delight

Made with white balsamic, lots of pears, cardamom and saffron – all favorite ingredients in Persian cooking. The flavor is delightful!


Limited Edition.  Made with white balsamic and juice from our two estate pomegranate trees of the ‘Wonderful’ variety – which is exactly what they are. The juice is a deep ruby and full bodied.  Excellent on salads.

Balsamics are available in 250 ml bottles for $10 each.
Case orders are welcome and can be mixed.