Our address is: 144 W. Carmel Valley Rd, Carmel Valley, Ca 93924

Email Charlotte: charlotte@fattoriamuia.com

Email Carl: cmuia@comcast.net

Email Tina: tina@fattoriamuia.com or cvblanche@yahoo.com

House phone: 831-659-2766

Carl cell: 831-238-3062 attached to his hip

Charlotte cell: 831-521-4598 lost in my purse

Fax: 831-659-3951 on 24/7


When ordering, call or email it in with your phone/contact number. I will call YOU for your charge card information and address. DO NOT send it to me by email. Not safe, it is internet after all.

We use SQUARE which so far has been very safe for charges. I will tell you what the shipping and handling charges will be when I call.

Your order will be quickly processed and delivered. We ship U.S. only. Refund for product is within 30 days, shipping and handling is not refunded.

Thank you for looking at the website and hope you enjoy our products.

Carl, Charlotte and Tina Muia