For the products that are seasonal or not a big enough category to have a page.  These are foods I experimented with to see if I could do it and if it was good enough to sell. And they are.  Mostly, made in the winter when it's cold or rainy and all you want to do is put on flannels and eat!

Marshmallows..... are $8 a dz and are 1 inch by 1 inch or larger (mostly larger).  I eat the smaller ones!  Keep in a closed container.  Do not refrigerate.

Chocolate, Vanilla, Kahlua, Rose, Mint, Coconut, are the flavors so far.  I'm experimenting with cheddar cheese to put in tomato soup.  I do get strange looks on that one!

Parmesan Crackers..... are $8 a dz and you can't have just one.  Impossible.

Pink Pearl Applesauce.....from the rare pink pearl apples, some years the flesh is shocking pink and other years a soft pink.  Only water is added to the apples.  12oz jar $10.00  Pictured below is from 2 yrs ago.  This year a far lighter pink.