I try to get the best herbs available.  Some are unusual and hard to find.  The seasonings are a mix we use with success.  Don't be afraid to add either herbs or seasonings to your dishes.  Experiment and enjoy.

Herbs, Seasonings $5.00 4oz    Pickling Spice  $5.00 90ml

CJ's Hot Hot Spice Rub.....we use this on all meats and even popcorn.  Test the heat for self testing first.

French Curry.....great in potato salad, deviled eggs, salads, meats.  Some ingredients are smoked.

Herbs de Provence.....for sauces, salads.  First popular in the 1970's for American tourists in Provence.

Lavender - Food Grade.....great in salads, soups, add to hot teas, desserts.  Don't need a lot.

French Pickling Spice.....amazing for pickling vegies of all kinds.  The carrots and cukes were a huge success.