Our unusual jams can be used in a variety of ways.....in yogurt, ice cream, cake and cupcake filling, on chicken, white fish, on cream cheese/brie as an appetizer, etc.

I try to use organic if I can and the citrus, roses, tomatoes grown on property are not sprayed or even fed but watered from a deep well.  So far, it's all growing well.

These make great gifts for a gourmet cook or hostess gift.

Packed in a 9oz jar.  $8.00

BALSAMIC FRUIT JAM.....Figs, Plums, Peaches as well as other fruit make this unusual sweet   and tart jam.

BLOOD ORANGE JAM..... From our property, never sprayed.  The flavor is a bit more tart, the color is a beautiful red/orange.  Great on yogurt or ice cream.

CINNAMON PEAR JAM.....With pears, cinnamon, nutmeg and a touch of clove this is a perfect   fall/winter jam. Sells out fast.

PINA COLADA JAM.....Yep, tastes like the cocktail. With coconut cream, crushed coconut             flakes and crushed pineapple this is for those who like tropical tastes. NEW 2014

PINEAPPLE UPSIDE DOWN CAKE JAM.....It was one of those 3:00AM nights!  This turned out   well and tastes like the cake.  Even has the half cherries in it.  Puts a surprise on most         people's faces when they first try it.

ROSE PETAL JAM.....From and old Armenian 1700's recipe and from ancient rose varieties, this is a wonderful unusual jam.  It tastes exactly like an old world rose fragrance.  Some of these roses were grown for the perfume industry years ago and the fragrance is divine.  Wonderful on croissants, cake, or in tea. (or by the spoonful)

TOMATO GINGER JAM....Made with organic tomatoes and fresh ginger this is a jam that's more diverse than most.  It can be used as a bbq sauce on sauteed sausage, bbq ribs, chicken, etc. as well as on biscuits.   YUM!

The jams carry the Amidon & D'Ailly label from Charlotte's French heritage.