We use primarily organic fruits and utilize the citrus, roses and tomatoes that are grown in our estate garden. Our unusual variety of jams can be used in a just about any way!

Here are some ideas:

  • Drizzle on Ice Cream
  • Use as Frosting or between Cake Layers
  • On Yogurt
  • In Tea
  • Swirled inside Cupcake batter
  • On Cookies
  • Add to Bread Pudding
  • On Chicken
  • Over Peaches & Topped with Whipped Cream/Mascarpone
  • On soft White Cheeses with other Fruit
  • On Ham/ Turkey Sandwiches
  • Spread on unbaked pie dough bottom before adding filling
  • By the Spoonful when no one is looking!

These jams make great gifts for gourmet cooks or as a hostess gift.

The jams carry the Amidon & D’Ailly label from Charlotte’s French heritage.

Apple Pie Jam

From our Pink Pearl apples.  Introduced in the early 40’s, the family tree on this one goes back to the 1500’s.  When cut across it is a bright pink color and is a tart apple. It’s always a surprise cutting it open & good to eat.

Lemon Marmalade

From our estate Meyer Lemon tree that produces fruit all year around. The fragrance is wonderful walking to our front door – love this tree!  The Meyer lemon is a cross of a lemon and orange so the fruit is a bit sweeter which is challenging for doing jams/marmalades.

Lime Marmalade

From our estate dwarf Persian Bearss lime tree.  It’s a different type of lime that turns yellow as it ripens. This Marmalade is good with salmon, chicken or even stirred in a cocktail!

Orange Marmalade

This marmalade is made from a combination of our estate orange trees:  dwarf,  navel and Washington Sweet.  The flowers have an amazing fragrance! Harvest time is December thru March and we use the whole orange for Marmalade.

Pear Walnut Jam

The Bartlett pear is an oldie and does well in jams.  The spices give this jam the feeling of a warm autumn.  Great on chicken, pork, toast, ice cream or brie.

Rose Petal Jam

This jam boasts the fragrance and taste of roses and its truly a wonderful surprise. It is made rose petals from our estate heirloom and antique roses.  Great on cakes, scones or a spoonful in your tea.

Jams in 8oz & 9oz jars are both available for $8.00/each