Our mustards have unusual ingredients, some not easily obtained.  Not only for sandwiches but also potato salad, deviled eggs, pasta salad, add oil and use on green salad, spread on ham and bake, baked potato, fish, pretzel dip, etc.

Packed in 9 oz jar.   $7.00

DILLY DILLY.....dill seed and dill weed bring a smooth, fresh flavor that's really dilly (if that's a word) Good on white fish, potato salad or add oil for a zesty salad dressing.

FRENCH CURRY.....some ingredients are smoked so it's a softer curry.  With honey and nutmeg included, the taste is not in your face.  Good in deviled eggs and on most everything. NEW 2014

IN A PICKLE.....most everything in here is pickled from onions, pepperoncini to pickles.  

MAPLE SUGAR.....I hauled home from Pa. the sugar when visiting relatives.  A sweeter mustard that does taste like maple sugar.  Expensive to make and sells out fast. NEW 2013

MOROCCAN BERBERE (burr burray).....this can have anywhere from 12 to 35 spices and herbs.  Depends on the family heritage in North Africa.  My  labels can't handle 35 so I have less!  Great on a lamb roast or other meat dip.  It has an earthy and clove background. NEW 2013 and sells out fast.  

PICKLED ONION CHIPOTLE.....I pickle the onion first then add the chipotle and the rest of the ingredients.  It has a bit of heat but won't take your head off.  This is one of the top sellers. NEW 2013

STOUT.....Made with a famous stout brand, this is a tad hardier in flavor.  NEW 2013

TARRAGON TANGO.....Lots of French tarragon in this one.  Great on fish sandwiches or as a dip.  New 2013

The mustards carry the Amidon & D'Ailly label from Charlotte's French heritage.