Our small batch mustards start with either a deli-style (made in the USA) or a whole grain (made in France) mustard base. We then blend in dried herbs, spices and other unusual ingredients that blend well with tart taste of mustard.

These mustards are not only for sandwiches and hot dogs – they are also great in:

  • Potato salad (cold or hot) and Pasta salad
  • Deviled eggs
  • Dip for pretzels, veggies or french fries
  • Salad dressing: just mix mustard with extra virgin olive oil
  • Wing dip: mix with Ketchup as a dip for chicken wings
  • Baked potatoes: mix into melted butter for baked potatoes
  • Baked salmon: spread on salmon, sprinkle with 2 Tbs balsamic & 1 Tbs light soy sauce
  • Baked chicken: spread on chicken pieces, roll in Panko & bake
  • Baked pork: spread on pork roast or chops & bake
  • Baked Ham: spread on ham & a bit of brown sugar/maple syrup & bake

The mustards carry the Amidon & D’Ailly label from Charlotte’s French heritage.

Dilly Dilly

This mustard uses dill seed and dill weed. chives and garlic that combines for a smooth, fresh flavor that’s really dilly (if that’s a word). Especially good on white fish, potato salad or add oil for a zesty salad dressing.

Ethiopian Berbere

The Berbere spice recipe can have anywhere from 9 to 35 spices and herbs depending on the family heritage in North Africa. It has an earthy taste with a clove background. Great on a lamb roast or other meat dip.

French Curry

French curry, or Vandouvan, started in India. Some of the curry ingredients are smoked, softening the curry flavor. The mustard is made with honey and nutmeg and the taste is smooth. Especially good in deviled eggs and on most everything!

Pickled Onion Chipotle

Homemade pickled onions are added to the chipotle and the rest of the ingredients. It has a bit of heat but won’t take your head off. This is one of the top sellers.


Our Stout mustard starts with a whole grain mustard from France and we blend in one of Carl’s great stout beers along with parsley, garlic, Herbs de Provence and Mustard powder. It has a slightly hardier in flavor then our other mustards.

Tarragon Tango

Lots of Tarragon and some dill weed in this one. It’s great on chicken, salmon and hot potato salad.

Mustards available in 12oz jars for $10.00.
Case orders are welcome and can be mixed.