Our olive oil is grown, picked and processed with extra care to make sure the best olive oil is produced.  Our small groove consistently produces extremely high quality oil.  The Tuscan varieties, French Picholine and Koroneiki trees are the Muia family recipe for our oil.

Fattoria Muia Extra Virgin Olive Oil won the Good Foods Award 2013 in San Francisco.  We were pleased as punch about that!  There were much larger producers competing so we felt all our hard work was worth it.  

It sells out every year mostly to local consumers, as happens to all the small producers in Carmel Valley.  We consider ourselves a boutique olive grove that produces the highest end extra virgin olive oil in California.

Our pruned branches are chipped back into the field and the trees are watered by a deep well. The oil is tested every year and the results are on the label.  Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a shelf life of 2 years so we feel our customers should know what they're buying.  We refuse to sell old oil. Buying oil without a process or harvest date may not be in your best interest.

250ml bottle.  $18.00   SOLD OUT

The olive oil carries the Fattoria Muia label which is Carl's Italian heritage.