Fattoria Muia olives are grown, hand-picked and processed with extra care to create some of the best extra virgin olive oil around. Our small olive grove consistently produces extremely high quality oil from a 87 trees of Tuscan, French Picholine and Greek Koroneiki varieties. Combined together, these olives create the Fattoria Muia family blend.

From Olive to Oil

All our olives are handpicked by friends and family every November. Once picked, the olives head 2 hours south to an olive press where the oil is cold pressed. The oil then heads home to be bottled. A small amount of oil is sent off for analytical testing to determine oil quality. Once the test results (level of Fatty Acid, Polyphenol and Peroxide) are received, they are hand written – along with the harvest date – on each label when the oil is bottled. Now it’s ready to sell. It’s definitely a labor of love.


Fattoria Muia Olive oil is so good…but don’t take our word for it. In 2014, Fattoria Muia won the 2014 Good Foods Awards for the Oil Category. Since we were competing against much larger producers, we couldn’t be more pleased that the hard work had paid off.

Extra Virgin 

Fattoria Muia Olive oil is cold pressed extra virgin oil to be used as a finishing oil – perfect for salads, dipping, etc. This oil is not a cooking oil – the fragile flavor profile of extra virgin oil can be destroyed when exposed to high heat (see Extra Virgin below). Fattoria Muia oil is not certified organic, but is earth friendly grown without pesticides and harvested with sustainable practices (by hand).

  • Being a small batch operation, we sell out quickly. If you are interested in purchasing oil, contact us right away.
  • We currently offer:
    • 250ml bottles, $18 each
      • 2018 Analytics: Acid 0.25, Polyphenols 375, Peroxide 0.80
    • Case discounts and Wholesale pricing available
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a shelf life of 2 years from date of harvest.

Extra Virgin: The highest quality oil with no defects. Made from the first pressing of fresh olives by mechanical means without the use of any extracting chemicals or heat that will degrade the oil.

Ideas for using Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Annual Harvest & Pruning

Each year, friends and family invade on Fattoria Muia for the annual harvest and pruning…it’s always a bunch of fun!