Pickled Vegetables & Preserved Citrus – so many ways to use them all! Here are some ideas:

Pickled Vegetables:

  • Add to Bloody Marys
  • Garnish cocktails
  • Chop into potato or pasta salads
  • Use as part of antipasta or charcuterie plate
  • On sandwiches
  • As a snack

Preserved Citrus:

  • Baked with Chicken
  • Use in Tangine dishes
  • Pizza topping

These items carry the Amidon & D’Ailly label from Charlotte’s French heritage.

Spicy Carrot Sticks

These delicious spicy carrots are pickled with garlic, herbs de Provence, red pepper flake, orange and lemon peel and sorrel from our estate herb garden. Great on a charcuterie plate or in a Bloody Mary with a green olive on the end. These sell out fast at the farmers markets!

French Green Beans

These French green beans are pickled with French herbs and are not spicy or hot – a great snack for everyone.

French Style Mixed Vegetables

Mixed veggies pickled with French herbs, lavender, basil, sorrel and other herbs.  Makes a great snack.

Moroccan Style Mixed Vegetables

These mixed veggies are pickled with North African spices, this is truly different and delicious. Medium heat.

Persian Pickles - Hot

These little cucumbers are 5 inches long and have very few seeds.  They are pickled with apple cider vinegar, lots of herbs, spices and red pepper flakes. When all the pickles are gone, add a little oil to the pickling juice to make salad dressing. Delicious!

Persian Pickles - Not Hot

These Not Hot pickles are similar to the Hot version, but without the red pepper flakes for those with a lower heat tolerance.

Preserved Citrus: Lemon, Orange and Lime

The preserved citrus is made with the citrus from our estate trees: Lemon, Orange or Lime available. When using preserved citrus, the peel holds the flavor. To use, rinse off the fruit, remove the inside or pulp and thinly slice the peel, including the white pith; Add to the dish at last minute. Chicken with preserved lemon is a favorite in our house. Please select a variety when ordering: Lemon, Orange or Lime.

Red Onions

These pickled red onions are great on a charcuterie plate, on tacos or burgers. Yummy!

Pickled Vegetables and Preserved Citrus are available in 9oz Jar ($8) and 12oz Jars ($12).

Case orders are welcome and can be mixed.