I started pickling just to see if I would like it.  After trial and error, I decided I was tired of the dill world in pickling, as if that was the only flavor to do.  So, onward I went to see what else there was as to flavor and found oodles of recipes that were wonderful.

The Persian pickles were first and after a few trys I got it right and they've been selling like hot cakes! 

Of course everything is in cider vinegar and then I add what spices I want, heat it all up and taste.  I learned that if I didn't like the taste of the vinegar mix, I wouldn't like it after the cukes or vegies were added.

Next came the mixed veggies with a different recipe and they sold out which of course made me feel my taste buds are in agreement with most others. For the pickles, I decided to make them hot and so they are.  I found adding pepper is another trial and error.  So far, no one has passed out!

All can be chopped up into potato salad, ham salad, diced into deviled eggs, etc.

I use a 12 oz wide mouth jar and try to pack it really full and then it all goes through a water bath.

12 oz jar.  $8.00

All pickling will carry the Amidon & D'Ailly label which is Charlotte's French heritage.

PERSIAN PICKLES.....Small cukes with little to no seeds and a firm texture. Red pepper warmth that stays a while.  I don't make anything so hot the food flavor is lost in the background. NEW 2014

PICKLED FRENCH STYLE VEGGIES.....Food grade French lavender, herbs de Provence, garlic make this a softer tasting pickle.  Sweet peppers of all colors, mini zucchini, squash, and anything else that's in season.  The contents will vary and I try to do organic.  NEW 2014

PICKLED CARROTS FRENCH STYLE.....I have a thing about carrots and found a recipe that has a friendly flavor and lasts a long time in the refrigerator.  They stay crunchie and the flavor is not overwhelming.  Compliments came in when served at a BBQ.  NEW 2014